Writing & Design Services

Whether it's launching a new branding campaign for an entire organization or creating an invitation for a one-time special event, we create cost-effective donor and constituent communications. With our in-house design studio, we can provide a full range of creative services from concept to delivery:

  • Direct Mail and Newsletters
  • Online Appeals and Web Promotions
  • Printed Brochures and Stewardship Materials
  • Annual Reports and Case Statements
  • Websites and Webpage Design
  • Special Event Invitations and Collateral
  • Press Releases and Fact Sheets

WRITING AND DESIGNING cost-effective case materials is a large part of what we do. We gather information by interviewing staff, board, volunteers, clients and donors to articulate a fresh, compelling case for support.

In addition to writing newsletters, annual reports and brochures, we create the kinds of supporting materials that go into a professional press kit, major donor packet or foundation proposal package, such as organization overviews, program summaries, fact sheets, maps, timelines, client stories, and our favorite, the Donor Q&A – answers to the ten most challenging questions donors ask when being solicited for a gift to your organization.